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Turning 40 Years of Experience into Our Seal Hops


Turning 40 Years of Experience into Our Seal Hops

Green gold is what makes our beer one of the best in the world. Hops is the soul of beer. Its bitter compounds and essential oils give beer its distinctive taste. Good beer can only be created when the hops is harvested at exactly the right time, and stores and processes expertly. But we want more than that.

That is why our beer is traditionally brewed with the certified and multi-award winning Bitberger seal hops. The hops, which comes from Holsthum in Bitburg County, Germany, is used exclusively by our brewery and is considered one of the best in the world. It is this ingredient that gives Bitburger Pils its distinctive, tangy taste.
When the harvest starts at the end of August, it’s peak season for hops farmer Dick in Holsthum. The female hop cones, which contain the necessary bitter compounds, now display a rich yellow color on the inside, and the aroma of the plant, which is a part of the hemp family, has also reached its peak.

For 40 years, hops farmer Dick has worked with passion and dedication to create the exceptional quality of our hops, while the region’s climate and soil offer ideal growing conditions for the plants.

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