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The Köstritzer Brewery

The first documented mention of the Köstritzer black lager beer brewery dates back to 1543. Today, it is one of the most important breweries in Germany.

Here, we unite the art of brewing with centuries of tradition. Köstritzer’s employees are passionate about their work, giving their best every day to make perfect specialty beers. These special beers can be enjoyed in many bars and at numerous sporting, cultural and other events.

As a partner of major music festivals, Köstritzer has had a sound reputation for many years. At ECHO, the biggest European music award, Köstritzer has had its own place on the red carpet since 2005.

Another factor in the success of the black lager beer brewery is its commitment to sporting activities in its home region of Thuringia.

And Köstritzer also enjoys worldwide popularity far beyond the borders of Germany.



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